rgies■, urged by ambition, avarice, bigotr●y, and desperation, will dare and do. ● To return to the Spaniards at St. Augustine.● On the morning of the eleventh, the crew of on■e of their smaller vessels, l●ying outside the bar, with Menendez h●imself on board, saw through the twilight o●f early dawn two of Ribaut's ships cl●ose upon them. Not a breath of a●ir was stirring

  • . There was no escap■e, and the Spaniards fell on their ■knees in supplication to Our Lady of U●trera, explaining to her that the heretics were ■upon them, and begging her to send them a little■ wind. "Forthwith," says Mendoza, "●one would have said that Our

  • Lady herself came d●own upon the vessel." A wind sprang u■p, and the Spaniards found refuge be■hind the bar. The returning day showed ■to their astonished eyes all the ships of Riba■ut, their decks black with men, hovering off t●he entrance of the port; but

  • Heaven● had them in its charge, and again t■hey experienced its protecting care. ■The breeze sent by Our Lady of Utrera r■ose to a gale, then to a furiou■s tempest; and the grateful Adelantado● saw through rack and mist the shi■ps of his enemy tossed wildl

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